Our mission is to protest for and support initiatives addressing homelessness, gentrification, social injustice, and environmental issues specific to Los Angeles, through the use of streetwear."

 Our Story 

Los Angeles is a land of opportunity, glory, dead ends, and inequality. Our backyard is a city where the poor are born into their poverty, and remain in their poverty. Resolve Los Angeles was formed knowing these issues may not be solved with charity alone, but with the hope that we can make a difference for as many people as we can reach.

Photo of William Simpson

William Simpson He/Him  
  Founder, Chairman of the Board 

Photo of William Simpson

As the founder and chairman of Resolve, William has further advanced his education at UC San Diego, majoring in Economics. William oversees collection planning, donations, grants, and financials. His main goal is to ensure that Resolve is following our mission statement and bylaws.

 Nola Cormier She/Her  
 Chief Executive Officer 

Recently becoming Chief Executive Officer, Nola has planned and coordinated our "Land is Kin" and "Feed a Friend" collections. She manages our marketing, design, and events team while navigating daily operations. Nola is passionate about giving back.

Photo of Lamar Ramadan

 Lamar Ramadan She/Her  
 Social Media Manager  Photo of Lamar Ramadan

Lamar is a Senior in high school. She's passionate about music and social media. With her creativity and experience with social media she gives ideas to the group and is responsible for various marketing duties.

 Amber Keys She/Her  

As our Secretary, Amber works behind the scenes handling the duties fo assistant management. Involved in all areas of Resolve, she helps coordinate meetings, plan events, and greet new members.

 Kinza Oudeh She/Her  
 Social Media Infographic Writer 

Kinza is a senior from Alhambra high school and is in charge of the infographics team. Her responsibilities include planning, design, grammer, and fact checking for our infographics on Instagram and TikTok. In her free time, she loves to play video games and hang out with friends.

 Ethan Tung He/Him  
 Graphic Designer 

Ethan is a Senior at San Marino High School. He was born in Los Angeles and has been living here ever since. He enjoys taking photos and designing posters. Ethan creates our infographics, adding photos, graphs, and artwork to complete each post.

Photo of Jasper Ralph

  Jasper Ralph He/Him  
 Content Reviewer 

Jasper is our content reviewer and is in charge of posting content on Instagram and TikTok. He also assists with the planning and execution of events.

Photo of Jessica Jiang

 Jessica Jiang She/Her  
 Infographic Writer 

Jessica works in the infographics team at Resolve, so she spends her time looking for potential infographic topics, researching news, and designing content for our instagram page. She typically writes about information pertaining to our current collection.

Photo of DJ Berg

 DJ Berg He/Him  

DJ is currently a sophomore at Colorado State University where he is a business major. He is planning to transfer to a UC next fall to be closer to his family and Resolve LA.

Photo of Yingtian (Eric) Fu

 Yingtian (Eric) Fu He/Him  
 TikTok Creator 

Eric is a senior student from San Marino High School and a member of the marketing team at Resolve Los Angeles. Eric adeptly crafts compelling videos designed to bolster the promotion of Resolve Los Angeles, channeling his innate creativity to bring about meaningful benefits for his community.

Photo of Kayla

 Kayla Pincus She/Her  
 Tiktok Creator & Model 

Kayla is a member of the Marketing Team, bringing her artistic passion to promote Resolve LA. Kayla makes TikToks and Instagram posts to promote our image and engage with customers. She also assists with event research and production. In her free time, she is a vocalist, musician, and model.

 Megan Choa She/Her  
 Social Media Content Strategist 

Megan is the Sophmore class president at San Marino High School. She is interested in dance, drama, and cooking. Megan creates social media marketing strategies and posts, using her leadership and organizational abilities to create marketing strategies and better her community.

 Maya Borkar She/Her  
 Website UI Developer 

Maya is a Junior at San Marino High School. In her free time she enjoys coding and hanging out with friends. She became our Web Developer in late 2022 and has been updating our website ever since.

 Samantha Chang She/Her  
 Instagram Infographic Writer 

Sammy is a student at San Marino High School. As one of our infographic writers, she uses articles and research to write informative messages in our infographics.

 Sophia Li She/Her  
 Instagram Infographic Writer 

Currently a sophomore at San Marino High School, Sophia grew up with a passion for the arts. She recently joined Resolve and is an infographic intern. Other than volunteering, Sophia enjoys watching asian dramas in her free time.