How Your Donation Helps    

Current: Drug Recovery Collection 

Our current collection "Drug Recovery" benefits people living in drug recovery houses and centers, as well as other other ex-addicts.

LA River Cleanup Collection 

This was our last collection. Donations contribute to Los Angeles River cleanup efforts. The river is polluted/littered with debris and trash. Your donation will enable us to make clothing to raise awareness for this important Los Angeles river and provide tools and resources neccessary for attracting volunteers to participate in cleanup events.

Homeless Collection 

Your donations helped us fund this first collection that benefitted poverty and homelessness. Clothing purchases provided funds which we used to purchase food, water, hygiene products, and other critical supplies for our local homeless shelter, Union Station.

Recurring or One-Time Donation? 

Either one works! You have the choice of making a one-time donation or a recurring donation which would benefit our progress with stable funding, allowing us to focus more on the quality of what we produce. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and vital to our effort.


Resolve Los Angeles is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and is in the process of becoming a tax-exempt organization. You can read more about our legal documentation and paperwork at: